Boyfriend Dungeon – A Smorgasbord of Identity and Accessible Weapon Dating

/ September 30, 2018

The words “Boyfriend Dungeon” in black text on a white background with a heart dotting the i in Boyfriend.

I actually heard about Boyfriend Dungeon from another developer I had backed on Kickstarter–which makes sense because my husband was the one who had bought our Moon Hunters keys back when Kitfox Games was developing it. So thank you, Cardboard Utopia, because I am stoked about Boyfriend Dungeon!

Not only is Boyfriend Dungeon pushing genre boundaries as a crossover between visual novel and action RPG dungeon crawler, it’s pushing identity boundaries. Three different gender identities are dateable–female, male, and non-binary–and any of them can be wooed. A beautiful array of skin tones are represented in the art, though races have not been confirmed (though I do wish that Isaac had been an option for the body pillow case reward), and player avatars are widely customizable. Not only are humans represented but there’s a cat by the name of Pocket–platonic relationships are valid, too! And it smells like there may be an aromantic relationship in there as well (but that’s just my assumption based on a teaser.)

But what thrills me the most are the accessibility features that Boyfriend Dungeon is bringing to the table. I had the opportunity to chat with Victoria Tran, who shared that the game will not only include multiple difficulty levels (easy mode is hardcore gaming, yo) but will also include support for multiple controller types, which brings the Xbox Adaptive Controller and its customization capabilities to the table, opening the game up to a multitude of gamers who may not have been able to play otherwise. Additionally, the color palette will be friendly to the colorblind, all voice-overs will have subtitles, and fonts will be large and easy to read. Victoria did not say in particular, but seeing as Moon Hunters had the ability to remap keys, I’m expecting that Boyfriend Dungeon will as well.

These are all wonderful features to include–the controller option is fantastic for those who cannot function with a “standard” keyboard and mouse and I’m eager to see how the Xbox Adaptive Controller will allow this game to reach a wider audience. The inclusive nature of the game–not just for the disabled but also regarding gender, race, and sexual identity–has me so excited for Boyfriend Dungeon. It’s a smorgasbord of all of the hot identities you could ask for and the cool accessibility features you need. It’s a game you should keep an eye on, because I believe everyone could use a sword (or weapon of your choice) to smooch.

YouTube promotional video for Boyfriend Dungeon, “Meet the Bae Blades
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