Can I Play This? – Fate Tectonics Review

/ October 26, 2018

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I’ve posted my first Can I Play This? PC game review to YouTube, and I’m covering the indie simulation-slash-god-game Fate Tectonics.

In my review, I comment that Fate Tectonics is “… what we’d get if Sim City and Carcassonne had a baby and raised it in a polytheistic household.” Its play style is well-suited for someone looking for a more laid-back game, but there is plenty of room for in-depth strategizing within its bits.

The game’s accessibility is my main focus of this review, though, and Fate Tectonics is lacking polish there. This is disappointing because there is a lot of emphasis placed on the accessibility features in its description on Steam. I might feel a desire to write this off as the game not aging gracefully, but many of the concerns I have with the game would have been issues during its release, too.

Now, this style of god game is not really my jam, but I found that I lost a lot more time to it than I thought I had, which means that, if it had been more accessible to me, I could easily see myself losing even more time to it, quite happily. If the game could be revamped, perhaps by bringing it to a mobile market (which I think the game could be well-suited for), then perhaps Golden Gear Games would have the opportunity to make some fixes and really make Fate Tectonics shine the way I know they want it to.

All of that said, when I initially released my review, Alex Bethke with Golden Gear Games, took everything I said to heart and responded to each of my concerns in-turn. There was no defensiveness, there was no arguing, just an “I hear you, we will do better.” That is more than I could have ever hoped for from a review. I’m very excited for the future of Golden Gear Games and I’ll be waiting anxiously for their next project.

Check out my full review on YouTube and keep an eye out for my next episode of Can I Play This?, which will release around November 3rd.

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