Gauged Unable To Continue – My Winning Essay in Disability Visibility Project’s Contest

/ November 4, 2018

**The featured photo is of an Xbox Adaptive Controller on a white background.**

I saw a tweet from AbleGamers about an essay contest being hosted by Disability Visibility Project. The topic was pretty open: it simply had to be related to being a disabled gamer. And the prize was pretty sweet: an Xbox Adaptive Controller with some accessories and game keys.

I’d been itching to try an XAC, but the price tag was hefty for something I wasn’t certain about. So after a lot of back-and-forth about whether or not to enter, I submitted a short essay about my experience with Final Fantasy XIV to the contest and hoped for the best.

Well, the best came: Disability Visibility Project has declared me one of two winners in the essay contest! Thank you so much to them for this wonderful honor and generous prize!

Be sure to check out my winning essay, my co-winner’s essay, and the video of me unboxing my prized Xbox Adaptive Controller below, which includes some Moon Hunters gameplay!

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