Twitch Live Stream – Pathfinder: Kingmaker

1400 (2:00p) EDT on Twitch

This live stream is being done in a different format than is usually seen, just to shake things up a bit. I will be pre-recording my gameplay. Then, during the appointed hour, I will be live-streaming a playback of the gameplay where I can riff on it MST3K-style and also interact with viewers.

Why this format? The simple answer is because my brain can’t handle too many things going on at once. I will either interact with viewers and not be able to continue playing the game, or I will get focused on the game and not continue interacting with my viewers. So by doing this, I can break it down, separate each piece into its own microcosm–I play within a vacuum, which makes it harder to enjoy the a-ha moments, sure. But I will get the joy of interacting with my viewers while the gameplay continues for those with whom I am not actively chatting at the time.