YouTube Series: Can I Play This?

New videos published every other Saturday at 0900 (9a) on YouTube

There are a ton of video game review series on YouTube. There are not many review series that focus on accessibility for disabled gamers.

The goal of Can I Play This is to literally see not only what games I can and cannot play, but also to focus on what these games offer as far as accessibility options: controller options, keybind remapping, colorblind palettes, font readability, captions for voice-overs, difficulty levels, and obstacle complexity, as well as other features (or lack-thereof) that these games happen to have. I’m only giving each game an hour to woo me. At first, each game will be selected by hand from my library; eventually, I will put up a poll to allow viewers to have a say in what I review next.

So please join me as I check out these games and find out, Can I Play This?